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Self-service terminals are no longer a rarity in today's world. This versatile device can serve a big number of people. By means of payment terminal you can very easily and most importantly quickly make payments. These may be operations connected with money transfer to a personal bank card, topping up the mobile communication account, withdrawal of money from a credit card, payment for public utilities, payment for credits and many other operations.

Self-service terminals today are profitable investment by legal entities which want to offer the population a huge range of services; and the terminals are the very devices that can help you optimize pays for those services. In any case, it is much cheaper to buy self-service terminals, set them at the bank branches, representative offices, shopping centres and so on, than to have a staff of cashiers, pay them salaries and equip their workplaces.

Volter self-service terminals and their benefits.
A payment terminal does not occupy much space in the room as opposed to the cashier's workplace. To install it, you need only access to the power network and the Internet.

Very modern compact design of the device fits perfectly into any interior of a bank, office, entertainment centre, and shopping centre.
Trade mark Volter has an individual approach to each customer. You can order a terminal body of any colour, which corresponds to the style of your company, and with the set of component parts that are economically beneficial to you.

If you choose trade mark Volter, you will ensure the maximal speed of customers support for your company and let your customers avoid long queues.

A feature of the Volter payment terminals is the main principles of their operation, namely obviousness and usability. Based on this, if you decide to buy a payment terminal of our company, you can be sure that your choice is right, as even the most inexperienced user will be able to easily make the necessary payment.

Volter® self-service terminals allow a user to control data entry and correct errors.
Having big facilities and qualified specialists, Volter® independently produces the terminals. Volter terminals are manufactured with the use of modern equipment of leading world companies such as Kawasaki robots, bending lines, laser cutting, TRUMPF zinc coating, PACE (USA) soldering equipment, Fronius welding heads. Payment terminals can be different in their appearance and functions. You can purchase street terminals and indoor terminals of our company at producer prices.

You buy a payment terminal after you selected its model, colour, a type of the banknotes receiver and printer. You can order the payment terminal by adding it to the basket or by calling our shop. Experienced specialists of our company are always happy to offer you a payment terminal and give some useful advice on the matter.